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Tea and Green Tea bamboo flooring colours now available
Tea and Green Tea colours now available in Europe.





Bamboo Flooring



Bamboo flooring that is wider and thicker than usual with a wide choice of colours, styles and finishes. Urbane Flooring has all the technical qualities of an adhered hardwood flooring to provide quality installation and maximum durability. Read more About Bamboo to see why bamboo is fast becoming today's choice for flooring.


Inspired by nature, Urbane Bamboo Floors offer a full array of design choices for residential and commercial bamboo flooring, so no matter what your style you will find a great range of options than you ever thought possible.


Urbane Bamboo Flooring is the perfect choice for those seeking an ecological product of incomparable beauty and superior quality.


Urbane Bamoo Flooring pics showing Cherry Matte, Green Tea Matte, Rustic Gloss and Tea Gloss hardwood flooring


Urbane Bamboo flooring is an excellent investment for your home or workplace, bamboo is naturally very durable, strong and resistant to moisture making it an ideal material for residential and commercial hardwood flooring. Find out more about our Products.


The key to high quality bamboo floors is to ensure that only the best bamboo is used, the manufacturing uses the latest technology and that a high quality finish is used to ensure the flooring is protected from scratches and stains. Urbane Bamboo Flooring uses Mosso bamboo, our factory is ISO 9001:2000 certified and uses an Aluminum Oxide UV cured Polyurethane coating to ensure our high quality standards are met.





Signature Range Our new Signature range has some unique stained colours to give a stunning look to any room. more

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